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János Bolyai Practice School Library

János Bolyai Practice School Library

About the library

The library of the János Bolyai High School is part of the Savaria Campus library network. As the school was originally a primary school with a limited number of teachers, the school library was a small one. As the school became both a primary and high school, its library had to greatly expand as well – the 50 square meter library was joined with a classroom and a corridor to create the new, 168 square meter library.

The János Bolyai Library, which now houses a reading room, a periodical section and a music area, now can accommodate up to 30 students at separate tables. The library is also ideal for smaller gatherings or library classes. Tasks are covered by a full-time and a part-time librarian.

Visitors have access to seven computers with non-stop internet access that students can
use for information retrieval, bibliography creation, word processing, and other tasks. The library is part of the SZIKLA and ALEPH integrated library systems.


Books: 25.000 volumes
Periodicals: 72
Multimedia CD-ROMs: 150
Audio documents: 93
VHS tapes: 40

Yearly acquisitions:
Books: 1300-140 volumes

Acquisition budget: 2.5 million HUF yearly
Loans: 9000-10000 volumes yearly


1. The school library’s central task is to enable access to its holdings during and after school hours.
2. The school library’s holding can be accessed by the school’s students, teachers, administrative and technical staff, as well as the college’s teachers and students if they agree to and abide by the rules.
Registration and use of services is free. Hours of operation available on the library’s door from the start of each term.

Types of use

1. Open shelf access
The librarian assists visitors in searching for and handling documents. Books in the reading room, the reference room and the special collections (periodicals, CD-ROMs, theses)
College students are not allowed to borrow books from the library. Reference books may be borrowed by students and teachers of the school only for a limited time period (one school class, or from closing time to next day’s opening time). Members of the teacher’s council may borrow periodicals and CD-ROMs for a maximum duration of one week.

2. Borrowing
Borrowing any document from the library requires the consent of the acting librarian, and the registration of said document in the loan register. The maximum amount of borrowable books is three for primary school students from grades 1 to 4, four from grades 5 to 8, and six in high school. The universal loan period is three weeks, extendable only once. There is no limit on the
amount of books that a teacher can borrow.
Every loaned book has to be returned by the last day of the school year. Students leaving the school during any term must return their books. Damaged books must be replaced by the borrower, or compensated financially.


1. Information
The librarian assists students in library use and assists teachers during library classes, offering information for problems that arise during the learning/teaching process.
2. Topic subscription
For student and teacher papers, the librarian occasionally offers a topic subscription service.
3. Literary research
The librarian helps teachers prepare for classes that build on library-related topics.
4. Bibliography creation
We’ll create a recommended bibliography for classes or topics both for students and teachers.
5. Photocopying
Photocopying is available at the library for a price of 10 HUF/page (double page: 15HUF)
6. Deposits
The library has deposits in some of the classrooms. Teachers are financially responsible for such volumes.

Rules of behavior
- The library is not to be visited for reasons other than studying, researching, or reading.
- Library work requires quiet.
- Food and liquids are not allowed.
- Coats and backpacks have to be placed in the designated area near the entrance.
- Cell phones are to be turned off and stored in backpacks.
- Readers must take good care of the books, and must not write, doodle or tear pages out.
- Books taken off the shelf must be left on a table.
- Computers must also be used quietly.
As part of the school’s rules, the above rules are compulsory for any student.


alphabetical database for documents before 2001
- Szirén database
- ALEPH online catalogue for documents after 1992. The catalogue is fully searchable for any term.

About the school

The practice school formed in the 1958-59 school year, and developed simultaneously
with the teacher training institute. 1974 brought the opening of the new school building which was large enough to enable a full 8-year primary school teaching. In 1992 the school started its first 8-year secondary school classes, and 4-year high school classes were available from 2001.
Currently 1000 students and 86 teachers populate the school which has its own swimming pool, three special multimedia classrooms and state of the art labs.

See also: The school library’s webpage (in Hungarian)

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